Dec 28, 2009


On our way to Citos, I told my husband : "let's watch Avatar after our kids left" I was surprised when he said OK right away. It was so not him to say OK in a sec like that. Wonder did he really want it so bad .. and I guess, he did.

So after our kids left with my sister to Cilacap, in a one packed car - I felt stupid and guilty actually that I let my kids travel in such an unconfortable crowded car, no offense to my sis.. but I just didn't understand, why she didn't even warn me that she has her husband's whole family joining the trip - my husband and I went to enjoy Avatar.

I don't know.. I didn't seem to be able to appreciate the whole 12-years of waiting from Mr. Cameron .. I love the movie, but it didn't leave me breathless, not the way I have expected. I guess, I have to google or read more to be able to understand further.

Coz' as a matter of fact, I have at least 5 complaints about it ...

1. the first flying part with ikron was too long, boring

2. if it's set in a modern world, the future.. can't they make an unbreakable glass that cannot be easily broken when a "rhino" hit it? It's a futuristic-tale world where they can make up just anything, right? It seems funny to me that their robots can easily get hit and broken after smashing with a "rhino" (I didn't know what they called it, btw).
3. if it's that easy to conquer a Toruk Macto, why haven't any of the Pandoras thought of it? Were men of the Pandora not brave or smart enough to do it or at least think about it? Or was it not easy? Was it only a selected one who can ride it? Or... was it just a try from Jake to see his luck or his fate? Were there any lines I missed coz I just don't get that point.
4. if their tree was the only place with the "energy" that they have spent billions $ for, why did they have to destroy it with bombs? Did the energy source not destroyed in the explosion?
5. I wished they've created more beautiful look of the Pandoras. I am OK with the blue and the tail, but please ... at least with a decent nose.

In the end, the only message I got was: don't mess up with NATURE. Well, I guess that's the core message Mr. Cameron trying to tell us. Wasn't it?

Btw, I got curious, when Jake the avatar opened his eyes at the end, what did it mean? Did Mr. Cameron plan to make a sequel? Wonder what would it be. But my crazy idea is: he wakes up amnesia! He will not understand why he is blue, and he will fight to get back to his normal human form .. and even will become enemy of his own recent people and girl. That would be COOL!

:: emajanti, 2009


joelliea said...

apparently Blog List widget is much more effective than the Followers, for me. Maybe I'm more fond of finding out the updates from the blog itself, rather than from the dashboard.

I'm still having a blank writing review on Avatar. Heard one commentary this morning: "Avatar is something you cannot talk about. You have to SEE it." I hate it I have to agree *lol*.

So I'm responding to your last paragraph:
I'm sure you knew that it's Jake's "birth". It's his choice to adopt his avatar body and blended with the Na'vi. He opened his eyes, and he saw (his life now).

emajanti said...

Yeah, I know.. but I'd rather let my imagination go wild... you know, the "what if" condition. Cos, if it was really like what it has supposed to be, then why can't just simply two of them holding each other as the very last image of the movie? Why did Mr. Cameron has to leave us in suspense like that? It's got to be a sequel, I hope. And it has to be so much cooler than my wild imagination..

joelliea said...

I don't think it's a suspense treat. Neither do I think Cameron would make any sequels at all.

Why would Cameron have to put them holding each other? You can see the love scenes in this movie are very subtle. And that kind of ending would be cheesy enough to ruin the mood =D.

emajanti said...

yeah yeah agree on that cheesy part, but it doesn't literally have to be holding hands, you know. I really got the feeling that he did that for some purpose which I don't know what it is. And why not a sequel? too expensive? Considering the profit they made.. I bet they would want to make another one :)

joelliea said...

James Cameron has never made sequels before. Well, he indeed directed some sequels (Aliens, Terminator 2: Judgment Day), but it's not to his own movies.

But then, who knows.

Rebecca said...

Em , Jul,
just wanna to know,
is avatar a movie that my teenage kids can see...
is there any part where it's not recommended to see by kids

emajanti said...

It's for "remaja" n cuma ada 1x adegan ciuman yang ... gak vulgar. Kalo menurut gue sih OK, di tv malah banyak yg lebih vulgar, bukan? :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously from the technology , it's astonish. But story , i don't think so...
Just my personal opinion...