Dec 7, 2009

Dao Ming Shi & Edward Cullen

I can't believe I am so into names who did not even exist in a real world. Dao Ming Shi was a name that got me nearly losing my mind back in 2003-2006. And Edward Cullen, well blame it on a friend of mine who introduced me to him. Her 4 thick-as-matress novel series were finished in not more than 5 days... I was even surprise to my own reading speed, actually :P

So who is Dao Ming Shi? Who is Edward Cullen? What is it about them that had made me helplessly and shamefully grown, no, shrink into an obvious teen-state again?

Both are creatures that were described as PERFECT. Ok, perfect can be very subjective, I know... but there are general qualities of the two that none can ever object. Hmm.. let see if I can put it rigth... Both are described as handsome, tall and rich. Would anyone disagree that those 3 qualities are the most basic criteria a guy should have? I dare to say, none raise a hand :)

Apart from the perfect physical figures, there was another one they shared in common. Both were falling in love with a girl (different girl) that was not supposed to be matched, not even supposed to be loved. And they way they love their girl was ... beyond real.

Dao Ming Shi threw away his thorne over a multi billion family business, fought with his own mother who threathen to delete his name from their family list, suffered so much just to be with San Cai. He thought that he'd better die if he cannot be with her.

Edward Cullen's story was even more tragic. Loving Bella meant putting her in a great danger, even a greater danger to himself too. Because in order to be with her, a girl he loved with his whole existance, he had to killed her.

There's something in the way they loved their girl that cought me tightly, and left me awed. Who doesn't want to be loved the way Dao Ming Shi loved San Cai? And who in the world doesn't want to be loved the way Edward loved Bella?

I guess that was it. A feeling of being loved so unconditionally, so unselfishly, so recklessly, so gently, so .... gosh, my vocab is very poor.. so insanely romantic ... that blew almost every woman's heart in the world, that includes me yes.. that we wish to be San Cai or Bella.

when I was about to upload this, I went to look for Dao Ming Shi's picture, and I got this:
It's pretty hillarious that they even compare
the hair

:: emajanti, 2009

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partner-in-vain said...

God! You are absolutely right!!!I love them both, too. More than that, gaya mereka berdua itu yang pertamanya acuh-acuh butuh begitu menggemaskan, am I right?