Dec 30, 2009

You + Me = Friends

Aku mengurungkan niat ku untuk mengajak teman2ku menulis sesuatu ttg diriku di blog ini. Aku mengurungkan niatku untuk menunggu 24jam krn aku tahu, ga akan ada yg respon. Apa karena aku ga punya teman? Apa karena aku kurang di sayang oleh mereka? Tentu tidak! *ala iklan obat cacing. Lol. Lantas karena apa? Entahlah.

Ada banyak teori mengapa tidak ada yg merespon. Ehm... sebernya ada bbrp yg sudah berjanji akan menulis, bahkan Ira sebenarnya sudah mengetiknya tapi batal karena "procedure". Thanks Ira, aku tahu kok isi hatimu, kamu padaku seperti aku padamu kan? Haha.

Tapi setelah kupikir2 lagi, 1 jawaban yang paling masuk akal untukku adalah: it's not supposed to be about me. It's supposed to be about them. So instead, aku akan menulis satu2 tentang teman2ku, betapa specialnya mereka dalam hidupku.

So, stay tune friends... something's GREAT about you is about to reveal.

:: emajanti, 2009


joelliea said...

this one is even scarier *lol*.

I was busy uploading files all day, while thinking of a perfect one word to describe you. Guess I'm too late.

I don't know how, but "jubilant" sounds right. Look it up.

Theories of why you didn't get fast response:
1. People tend to read or lurking around. You couldn't depend on them to comment on your posts right away, not all could express their thoughts in writings.
2. To post a comment into blog, they have to sign up. That's quite troublesome.
3. Perhaps they just missed it.

So keep on writing and posting. This blog is yours. And for all that matters, you can fill it with everything you want to share. Don't ruin your own fun by thinking your posts as embarassing (just let the readers do that instead .. hihihi).

emajanti said...

Scary, you said? I thought it's kinda sweet.. :p Blah, you really are a freak, lol.

Yeah, I know I can write just anything in my own blog, but I don't think it's cute to have a post of asking for comments, but... not a single comment there at all, haha. So I gave up.

I knew you would have posted yours, but "jubilant" ? No, I don't think it fits me better than "impulsive". What do you think?

joelliea said...

You asked for it, you can't revise it =p.