Jan 3, 2010

100 Things I'm Thankful For

OMG, what an un-thankful person I am. It's very hard to list down 100 things I should be thankful for. Maybe I should not generalize it, maybe I should go into more detail breakdown.

Well at least, as a start, I can finish more than 50 things. I will also add some pictures later. So, here it is the first part of it under the tab "about".

edited on Jan 17, 2010
I wanted to delete this post, but I don't want to lose the comments so I leave it alone. But I have a few to say: as I changed the template, the tab "about" was gone. Now that I am doing a huge revision on the post, I'm gonna close it down for a while. But I am gonna continue and share when finish.

:: emajanti, 2010


joelliea said...

lead time to continue?

emajanti said...

you meant "need" rite?

sigh. that one is too much for me. I definitely need MORE time to finish it.

joelliea said...

I meant "lead time" = when can you continue writing this post completely. Any time frame?

Habit is, if you leave one post open for a long time, it tends to drag for indefinite.

emajanti said...

Yeah I know... I may never be able to finish it. Lol