Jan 17, 2010

Back to Black

Either I really love black or I was just so lazy to do anything.
Here it is, another look of my blog.

Oh, I know. I should have written something rather than just changing skin, rearranging the widgets and all... but hey, I really love black and I was so lazy to do anything else :)

beside, that girly thing doesn't fit my present mood huehehehe...

hmmm... on a second thought, this template looks very crowded. I should look for a simpler one, I think :p

:: emajanti, 2010


joelliea said...

One of my fave template. Complicated Girl. Suits you better.

emajanti said...

ha.. did that mean I am a complicated person to you? lol. I like it, but still think it's a bit too crowded.

joelliea said...

Judge the blogger by her blog templates hihihih.

emajanti said...

oh no. I should change it then. soon. hehe..

*pake nada yg very firm* ;p