Mar 5, 2010

Man in The Mirror

Beautiful song of Michael Jackson. And I'm so glad Leehom decided to do his own version. And he did it even more beautifully than the original! Love the erhu (chinese traditional music instrument) he added, love the voice and the piano... *don't shoot* I love MJ but I am a fan of Leehom, okay? *peace* lol

Leehom surprised his fans and gave the CD for free during his MusicMan Beijing concert, last year in respect to the death of the king of pop. The CD was sitting in each of the audience seats!! I wonder... for those who're coming late to the concert, did they get their copies or not??

And when a fan, mistacool17 used the song and put it together into a "very touching" MV, even Leehom himself put it into his own facebook account.

Watch Leehom's live version at the MusicMan Concert

:: emajanti, 2010

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