Mar 21, 2011

Forgive and Forget

How many times did we hear that? Or maybe, we should even count how many times we have said that? But, the real question is... can we really do that? Has anyone ever forgiven and really forgotten? I would say.. seriously, NONE... unless he/she is having amnesia, or brain-damage or dead.

We can never really forget bad things that happened to us. We can forgive betrayals, we can still love people who broke our heart over and over again, we can still even pray for those who hate us.. but can we really forget what happened?

Jesus teaches us to forgive sin 7x70, but he doesn't ask us to forget about it. I think, HE makes us remember to alert us not to make the same mistake again. And I think, HE doesn't make us forget our sins in order to make us a better person. Come to think about it, if we made mistake then in another minutes we forget, how bad we're gonna be? We will be making mistake again and again and again and again... without being afraid of hurting others, as they will also forget.

Human by nature is sinful. So yeaa.. I'm a human. I did hurt others too. I can beg for a forgiveness, but I can never ask them to forget the bad things I did. All I can ask for is.. "please forgive me and please just let it go..."

I am paying the price of my mistake. It will not go away.. I will carry it for the rest of my life. It's hard for me to forgive myself that I have hurt you, but it's even harder for me to see that you're holding on to that pain.

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