May 11, 2011

Another Birthday, Another Time

Oh yeaa.. I was smiling and happy... but I'm so positive that this year birthday was not my fave ... and anyway it was over. It was yesterday... 9 days ago :)

So.. what kind of birthday that will make me jumping, screaming and hilariously happy? Okay.. here's my dream birthday items to share, hoping next birthday or even faster, one of them is coming true... LOL!

What a birthday without a cake. I love chocolates, or anything that comes with it.. but, here's the hint. I got so many choc cake during birthdays.. friends birthdays, family birthdays.. somebody's else birthday also my own birthday, so.. it's not so special anymore to also have choc cake on my birthday. How about a Blueberry Cheese Coffee Cake? Hmmm.. sound delicious!

I can't find a nice picture of Blueberry Cheese Coffee Cake, but without Coffee.. it looks like this:



Of course I love flowers! On one of my bday, my husband gave me flower.. I was so surprised because he's not a flower type person.. he gave me choc, and cake.. but never flower. You know where did that flower come from? He took it from a neighbor's garden right in front of our house! LOL!!

So... send me roses 7 days in a row, before the D-day.. ahahaa! that would be AWESOME!! - taken from Piedmont News

I'm a romantic person, I guess..hehe... I like something romantic on my birthday... and any love song will do. I remember, on another bday few years ago, he bursted into the bedroom at midnite hour, turned on the light and sang with his guitar .. "I bless the day I found you, I want to stay around you.. and so I beg you.. let it be me...". If it was not my bday, that would be very annoying.. because I was already asleep that hour, LOL!

Card and Wishes
Ooh, I know there are so many ways to wish me Happy Birthday. Email, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, SMS ... but I still treasure the old ways of sending wishes in a self-written card. How thoughtful and romantic...

Here's an inspiring one. Taken from dr. love

My First 24 B-Day Card: msg

Wohoho.. I love this part! Gifts for my birthday? So easy to get me a birthday gift that will make me grin ear to ear all year long.. till the next birthday comes again....

Well, this is my fave, from Tiffany

Or another one from Swaroski

or a set of SKII :)

or Leehom's albums that I dont have yet.

"Missing You" Album

"White Paper" Album

Last but not the least, cos this would be the most wanted of all time :p

Can I have Leehom sing me Happy Birthday like this, pleaaaaase ....

Or this. LOL!!!

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