Nov 13, 2011

MaBok Air Day

My MacBook Air, I have tried everything to love it, but I just can't. I simply don't understand why many people worship Mac like their second religion. It is not user friendly. Only those techie people would love it, and thank god I am not... Coz, I imagine if I'm one of them... I would probably be happy to spend more hours to find out why everything is not working. And that is not fun.

Smart Modem didn't work. I spent 10minutes listening to a machine when trying to get a support from the SmartFren hotline numbers. And when finally I did, she can't help. She said, I have to go to the gallery to check if my modem support the latest OS X 10.7 (LION). I told her irritably, why should I go there if in the end it's not working. All I want to know is, whether it can work with the OS or not. If the modem does not support, why should I go, idiot... (that last word, of course she didn't really hear it). So then she said, apology.. the modem only support OS X 10.5. There!!!

Under curiosity, I browsed everywhere looking for an answer. Funny that I got it from an Indonesian guy who posted a comment at some far away site, saying that all you have to do to make ZTE modem works with Lion was.. change from bit-64 to bit-32. Don't ask me whether I understand what he means, coz I don't. But he gave simple instruction: press 3 and 2 all together until the login page appears. Tarrraaaa!!! I smiled.

Then I tried to set up office email. Surprisingly, this part was easy and I smiled again.

So I got the whole bunch of office for mac 2011 ready. Outlook checked. Power point checked, XL checked, Word checked. MSN checked. YM.. i have to download Mac version and that also worked just fine. So I smiled again.

Next is OC. Office Communicator. I communicate with my APJ work-counterparts with OC. So if I plan to continue using this MacAir, I have to get the OC ready too.

That's when the problem came. I browse everywhere.. download anything I was told but it's still not working. It got me frustrated because I almost like Mac... Almost.

After hours of hours of useless effort. I gave up. Maybe I should tried my luck on another day. I was about to shut down when an email came. Okay.. this one, I can reply quickly. So I opened my XL file, did some revision and saved it as.... what the h**k... I cannot access my own HDD!!

I tried to chill and searched for a help. None, well it's either I'm sick of browsing and reading technical instruction in English, or i really want to go shower.. or.. maybe I just had enough of Mac for today. I gave up. I can save it to my thumb drive, i told myself.

But ....this mac only has 2 USB ports. One is for my portable HDD, the one I cannot access to save file and the other is for my USB modem. arrrghhh.... enough! Maybe i just need to sell this beautiful thin machine and use HP laptop instead, I mean.. windows. Maybe Mac just fits for entertainment, design, and photos... but not office work. .. can't help but to say, i love HP laptop more that MacAir. hehe.

So I was thinking. Appearance really really doesn't matter. no matter how beautiful you are, how expensive, how exclusive, how prestigious... if you're suck, then nobody will love you. You have to be compatible and easy to love. And that, i don't find it in Mac.. yet.

I'm sorry.. Steve may be hero for some people. But I prefer the friendly one. And I got this feeling that actually MANY other people agree with me...

adding a few complaints in the morning.
I dont know how to find yesterday's email files. And it's a different format. i dont know how toexport it to office outlook. Does everything has to be this difficult????????



joelliea said...

You know what, all you need is an Apple one-day training course at iBox training centre. Don't sell it too fast. Every gadget has their own advantage and disadvantage.

Jeng Tera said...

Jangan buru-buru di jual mba M..
Kasi waktu mmmmpph.. 1 hari FULL, atau 1 Minggu.. :)

Emajanti said...

@joelliea : too late. bbm broadcast sudah menyebar dan, banyak yg pengen, tapi banyak yg ledek2 doang.. :P termasuk elo n Tera :P

@tera: ogaaaaah.. gua kapok ahhahaa... cantik tapi gak nyenengin hati.. males dee... hihii..