May 3, 2012

Emerald and Me

I just found out that people who were born in May are connected with Emerald. Well, let's see...

It's Green and I'm Brown

I have never been fond of green color. In fact, it is not my fave color at all. My fave color is brown, the earth colour. The neutral color, the low profile colour, the colour that is not catching's attention. The color that blends and is not pointing out. The colour that says about stability, reliability, and approachability. Brown is also chocolate. A sweet little thing that can make people really happy. I guess, it really does speak about me rather than green. Haha.

And why I dont like green. First, it's the color that can kill Superman. LOL! I mean, I hate cryptonite and it's green. Second, it's the color that relates to anything about medic. My univ has several faculties, white is for the Literature, Yellow is for the Economy, Red is for the Law, Black is for the Engineers, and.. Green, of course for those who are going to be doctors in the future. I think, I just don't like to be reminded about health... it's scary, you know. Third, it's the color of "Nyi Roro Kidul". Read it and maybe you'll understand. And last is maybe because I'm from a very small village. I grew up in a house facing a field rice in front of us... so yeaaaa.. boring :p

More about brown and green.

Sacred stone of the goddess Venus, sacred stone to preserve love

I like this one! Some who were born in May are not Taurean, but I am. And Taurean is ruled by Venus. So yeaa.. you can imagine how powerful is that in term of love and affection. I once read that even the dead can live again when seduced by a Taurean. LOL! And guess what ... I somehow almost-always manage to get what I want even with just a simple smile, with begging eyes and.... a hammer in my hand.

But really. My whole life is actually about love. I'm a romantic (a bit cheesy, well maybe a lot haha!) person. My fave quote is: Love will conquer all, and I really have a strong believe in that words. Life will be miserable if we do what we're doing based on money, or sex, or power, or fame or anything but love. And blessed those who are willing to sacrifice for the people they love (John 3:16).

Symbol of Faith and Hope

Gosh! This is tough. How can I be related to Faithfulness? And how can I be of hope of others who love me? Well, let's just put it this way. My family is very important. And I will do anything in my power for them. I don't, I never, have a heart to ever let them down. I always want to be there for them. How does that sound? eeeeeee.... not bad, right? Bad. Coz I know normal people will do that too. Hehe.

My friend once told me that people with a mole on her back shoulder is the one who bears the family's burden the most. And both of us have huge one on our shoulders. She said, if we had it there, it will block others (family) fortune and leave the burden with the person with the mole. So we had this silly thought of doing laser to remove it. Lol. But I think it's not a symbol of burden. It's a symbol of faith and hope. See... I am the eldest in my family and somehow, I feel that everyone is depending on me, always turning to me for help. And as long as the mole is there, I will also be there for them, always.

The mole. It's real, not a photoshop...

I was born in May and I actually dont care about Emerald. Who I am is not identifed with stone, birth-mark, star-sign, color or any other things but one: how I am before GOD. 



joelliea said...

Believing in birthstone or birthflower (yours is lily of the valley) is like believing in zodiac, astrology and any other mumbo-jumbos. Might not work with all.

Regardless the green does certain harm to Superman, emerald is associated with patience, understanding, loyalty, faithfullness and friendship. Any of these your character?

Emajanti said...

Yeaaa.. that's definitely me :) well, maybe not all, just some parts uh-oh...maybe just one *confused*.. Ummm what do you think?

Jeng Tera said...

Happy birthday Mba Em sayanggg....

(telat emang. tapi tuluss) #EA