May 2, 2014

Count your blessings

It wouldn't be a surprise if I dared to create my own bday card like that. yeaaa!! I guess beside being "strong sense of humor kind of thing - haha".. I am also one of so many narcissistic people in the world. LOL!

But seriously ... why can't I feel good about myself? I have one loving husband, sweet and kind 2 teens at home, warm strong united family, wonderful job, and super nice friends out there and most important one is a chance to be able to serving the LORD. All in 1 word: BLESSED... I have all the AWESOMENESS in the world!

Even google gave me birthday cakes today! Awesome!

so yeaaaa.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!


Ai Kusumastuti said...

love this! if we can not love our self, who would be ya? happy birthday Ema, best wishes for you and the year ahead!

Ai Kusumastuti said...
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Anonymous said...
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