Sep 26, 2014

Andy Gibb - his sweet voice

He was not just my teen crush, but he's forever my beloved musician, (sorry Leehom.. I guess when it comes to Andy Gibb, you can only land on the 2nd :) My liking was not as intense as compared to Leehom's,  but I have been in love with him since I was only 15 years old. It's been almost 30 years now. wow... phew!

It was a tape at that time. A cassette. He was wearing a red t-shirt and with all that lightening from his fingers, and I swear it's not because of his look, even when I now look at him.. I admit, he's a good-looking guy. He kind of reminds me of Jerry Yan, Mr. DaoMingShi. My friend, Julia, said that it maybe because of his hair. LOL! Anyway.. I grabbed the album because I'm a super huge fans of the Bee Gees since I was 11 years old, I decided to bought that tape. It was not cheap for a teen who lived in a dorm for school.. but I have never regretted the decision a single moment. When later all my tape collection were gone because I carelessly left them on a train ... I bought a new Andy Gibb tape and many Bee Gees tapes.

There was no internet at that time. I didn't know how to get information about him at all. All I have was that tape. Just that one tape. It's his Greatest Hits collection. Don't get confused. It's not an "After Dark" album just like in the picture. I guess at that time many local companies in Indonesia sold tapes of hit songs collection without having to resemble the original.

Andy died in 1988. Sadly I can't remember when it was the first time I heard about his death, and how my reaction at that time. I think only few years after he passed away.. during the early times of internet.. the 90s.

He was good-looking and charming :)
and that dimple was really cute

Maybe his fave color was red

I think, dark suited him best


or.. maybe purple?

what about in this fave color of mine?

I don't quite understand fashion at that time, but man.. he's not afraid of yellow pants

He was still looking good in black and white

and even more... in skin color. *blushed*

I told you... his fave color is red. LOL!

And now in the present times.. He would have been 56 if he's still around. Funny that I feel missing someone whom I have never met in my whole life. I am totally a fan of his voice....

I have all his digital albums, I played them on my driving to / from office.. I have listened to many songs he has sung that I have never heard before (thanks to youtube).. and I collected them all too. I read his bio, I browse to find trivia about him ... I spent hours collecting his videos on youtube. And then.. I found this song:

There must be something about this song, about his voice and about his performance in this song that's giving me goosebumps every time I listened to it. And it has been on a repeat for several days already.

It's a combination of sweet and bitter, it's soft but deep, it's sad but beautiful.... His performance is just beyond words, it takes my breath away. It gives me a feeling of sorrow but it's so amazingly beautiful that I don't want to lose that pain...

When I get to think about his life, I feel depressed. How come a person as nice as talented as loved as him ended up with drugs that led him to die in such a young age. He was only 30 years old when he passed away. And when I read all the wishes on youtube, I got even more depressed. All fans were wishing him a peace in heaven. I know ... I should not judge, but I don't think Andy is a born-again Christian. How can he go to heaven and find peace if... he didn't have Jesus as his Saviour...........

Oh Andy.. I wish you were still here so you can get to hear about Jesus and get saved. But I really wanted to thank you ... somehow, my love for your sweet honey voice conveys one thing... I have to tell people I really love, about Jesus. My sisters and their families, my friends, my relatives... and Leehom. I'm sure they have heard about Jesus, but do they believe in Him as their God the Saviour who can save them from eternal doom?

I will pray hard for those people I love so that they receive Jesus in their heart and make their ways to God the Father in heaven.

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