Jan 24, 2016

Sawyer Fredericks - Shine On

There are only very few singers or musicians that I can call my "all time fave". Actually, you can even count them with your single hand... lol. But, hey who knows.. maybe the list will get longer along the times.

Love them then. Love them now. Love them next. Love them forever.

Dont know how many times I should repeat this again and again. But, their songs are the reason I can speak English now. Really. That's my story of the Bee Gees. Major major influence.

When I was in Junior High School, 11 years old. I didnt pass the English test, in fact.. I scored 3 of 10. Embarrasing, yeaah. My father had this brilliant idea to lend me his Bee Gees cassette collection and let me hear the songs in a walkman. I felt in love instantly. So while I was listening, I paused, I wrote down the lyrics, I pressed backward button, I listened, I paused, I wrote down the lyric. That was on repeats for.. a countless time. The cassette at that time came with a lyric book, but my dad told me not to look at it. Try to write it down then compare it with the book, he said. I did! Thank God, I was a good kid that time who listened to her old man. LOL! And I even went further. I didnt just write it down, but I translated it, word by word and tried to understand the whole meaning of the song.

It was not easy. It was very hard. But I loved it. Although I didnt get all correct, and I also very often could not tell what they were saying.. but I loved it. Loved the process of that "listened-paused-wrote" moments. Now I'm wondering.. if my dad gave me his Police or Van Halen, would I also be their fans? So.. was it the song? Was it the music? Was it the band? Was it Barry's voice? or was it just the English language... actually?

Bee Gees Songs
Have to admit that they are some songs that I am not a fan of. But I can name some that really got me feel surreal.. like "Bury me down by a river" "South Dakota Morning" "Too much heaven"..

Weird enough that actually those songs were not as famous as " Words" "Too love somebody" "Saturday Night Fever" "I started a joke" "Staying Alive.. and many more hits. Not sure why I'm rooted to the un-popular ones... I guess you can't really explain something surreal, can you?

Longer and detail post about him, is here.

Andy Gibb Songs
I know that his brother Barry wrote most of the songs for him. So, I think I fall for his sweet voice.. It still give me these chills and goosebumbs each time I listened to his voice, especially "Flowing River" "Too many looks in your eyes" and not his original, it was Barbara Streisand's "In and out of your love".

Flowing River was not a ballad type. So I can't say that I only love ballad, right? But again, those songs I fave most were not all his huge hit, like his "I just want to be your everything" "(our love) Dont' throw it all away" "Rest your love on me". So again, can you really explain the chills and goosebumbs?

Oooh.. I can write long about him, but I dont have to, because I have a blog for him.

It's an intense liking. However.. I'm worried that it's a bit dimming down. I don't feel that I have to like all his FB posts now, I dont feel left behind even when I dont hear any updates, I dont feel I have to try hard to google translate many chinesse sites to English anymore, I'm still waiting for his coming album but I have stop writing the blog now.

Leehom Songs
Would you believe if I said that I got instant connection to one of his song "Trust". and I cried and cried first time listening to "Losing you" even though I didnt understand a single word of it? oh yeaa! it happened. And again, those songs are not as big as his others mega ballads, such as "Forever Love", "You're not here". I always have 1 fave song from each album that was not the one made to the big hit. It's strange, I know.

Here some of them:
Noah from Album Missing You
Trust from Revolution
Losing you from Impossible to Miss You
White Fox from The One and Only
Who Are You Thinking of At This Moment from Unbelievable
Incomplete Melody from Change me
End of the Earth from Martial Arts
Heaven and Earth Overturned from Your Love


I was actually questioning myself whether I'm writing this post for just an excuse to write about Sawyer? Well, maybe so, or it is so.. but I guess... I will have to write about this "kid" on a separate post next time. He is just way way way... SPECIAL. And I need a longer post to pour my heart out. lol. Just know that: I love this kid sooooo much!!!!

Is it his songs? voice? hair? Blue eyes? his guitar? dont know.... But I have all the SURREAL FEELINGS, CHILLS and GOOSEBUMBS, INSTANT CONNECTIONS and TEARS listening to him... all in one.

But before I write long, you may want to check one of his performance, my fave, which again not the same as most majority people who prefer other song than this.


Unknown said...

Wow I like your story. I am learning English with music too.and Sawyer is my fave artist.thank for the good inspired me.

Tpg on story said...

Wow I like your story. I am learning English with music too.and Sawyer is my fave artist.thank for the good inspired me.