May 31, 2017

Hey MAY Peeps, I love you!!

Today is the last day of my fave month of the year.
I want to make a shout-out to some May-born people, just because they are my fave and.. they are special.

01 May - Jamie Dornan

My Fifty Shades, my Christian Grey. I can easily list down at least fifty things to get crazy about him. Then.. maybe I can add another fifty more... LOL!!

02 May - David Beckham

Once I thought there were only muscles and sweats and spits in the football field. But thanks to David Beckham, now I know that there are actually a lot of pretty faces too :)

02 May - Vena Kresnan

Just because she is my twin sister. I mean, how often can  you get to know somebody who then becomes friends with you, and has the same birthday as you? how often?

08 May - Stephen Amell

I don't think I have publicly declared my fangirling mode to this man. Can I do it now? I LOVE STEPHEN AMELL!!! He hero, my something else,

08 May - Patricia Meilyn

Be it business, or pleasure, or just nonsense talks... she is my best remponk buddy.

13 May - Robert Pattinson

Who would have imagined that a vampire can be that hot and romantic. Twilight Saga will always be one of my fave movie of all times.

15 May - Deepak Jhakal

I was not sure if I should include him or not.. hahaha! Just Kidding. Of course I have to. He is my fave regional person, who says cooking is his fave but I have never tasted his cooks yet.

16 May - Grace Pakpahan

I'm very fond of her and I think she is my best team I have ever have.

17-  Wang Leehom

My one and only MusicMan. Yes. he is my OnLeeHom

23 May - Erryck Siagian

My other half 💙💙

30 May - Theresia Yuliana

My rumpiria buddy, who is far but oh so near. She is just a nonstop WA group away.

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