Jul 12, 2010

Those Sweet Little Things We Did for LOVE

Today is not a Valentine's day, and also not our anniversary day.. but I don't want to wait until one of those days arrive. "If tomorrow never comes..." said Ronan Keating, so here I am... revealing 7 sweetest little things my husband did for me and the kids..

  1. He went home very late and I was pretending to have fallen asleep when he finally crawled into the bed. He kissed my check and whispered "I love you". He didn't know until today that I heard that whispered and shed a tear of happiness.
  2. On one of my birthdays, he entered our bedroom, turned on the light, woke me up at 12.00AM singing with his guitar "I blessed the day I found you.. "
  3. He knew that I'm not a slim woman, he knew that I really wanted to reduce some of my weights, I told him that I wanted to eat as little as possible after 6PM. But, everytime he's out somewhere without me, he always called me "what do you want me to bring to home" and he began to offered me various of foods..
  4. He woke his 10 years old daughter up with kisses in the morning and carried her on his back to the bathroom
  5. He took his daughter to a dept store and bought her several pieces of her first time teen-bra. And some were even more expensive than my bra!
  6. He called his son and asked him what size was his undies and singlet. He went to Dept store and bought some for his son. He told me, our son played basketball, sweat a lot, he needed many undies and singlets.
  7. It's World Cup Season and our son was in school holiday, so he was allowed to watch football until dawn. That one morning after semi-finals GER vs ESP, I told my maid to let the Air Con at my son's room on. It was turned off because we have to turn on the water heater instead. My husband was in a bathroom when he heard the "tit" sound of a remote control from my son's room. He shouted to the maid: "don't turn it off. He's just been sleeping for a while. Let it on so that he can have a better rest."

And to my family, my husband was the favorite son in law, brother in law and uncle. He's not a perfect person, he pissed me off sooo many times too... but for all those sweet little things he did... I know, my kids know that he loves us.

And to you Erryck.... we love you back,
so much more than you could ever know.


Rebecca said...

very sweet of him ...
am very touched

emajanti said...

aih Becca belum tidur? nonton bola ya? Hup Holland! ato jgn2 kamu ESP? Suamiku malah tidur terus gak bangun jadi cuma aku n my son.. hehe

joelliea said...

hidup Bang Erryck!

Jeng Tera said...

aih, sweet bgt mba em..
item #5 's the sweetest one :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet website, I had not come across earlier during my searches!
Continue the superb work!

emajanti said...

Thank you Anon.. I'm trying but many times failed... works and works :))

Anonymous said...
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