May 2, 2013

So Loved, So Blessed


The first time I saw you, I somehow knew you'd be important in my life
In my eyes, you were beautiful in so many ways,
There was no doubt that I wanted to spend forever with you.
And when we joined our lives, things were every bit as good as I'd hoped.
I didn't want anything to change

But.... life is full of changes, and not every day can be paradise.
Together we've faced reality, the day-to-day "bumps in the road"
that test every couple's patience.
I've seen you in many challenging situations, and the miracle is...
you're even more beautiful than I thought possible!
You're sweet, thoughtful, strong supportive and
a partner anyone would want on their side

Not only are you the woman of my dreams,
but you're also my best friend
and as time passes,
I fall more deeply in love with you


He didn't wrote much, just a little "love u" and a bible verse in the card.
but knowing that he personally chose the card, brought tears in my eyes..

and I was made famous for one day :)

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