Oct 18, 2011

Working From Home

I know.. I know. Some may think I'm just lazy to go to office, other will think that I'm just taking an advantage of not having a boss around.. yeaa my boss is based in another country.  Well, not 100% wrong, but definitely also not 100% true. Here are some more appropriate reasons. hehe..


So many things we can save by working from home. Do I need to list them down here? No, rite? It's pretty clear what it means without any further explanations, I think. Oh come on! Who wouldn't want to save time, energy, money and .. life in that insane traffic of Jakarta? Read back your own FB status or Twitter, I bet almost everybody has at least one complaint. If you don't have one, it's either you don't have FB/Twitter account, or you own a chopper or .... you are superman. And those who use ground transportation, the more complaints you have, the shorter life you get. Trust me. Ancient prescription, it's written in the Bible too, Proverbs 17: 22 A cheerful heart is good medicine,  but a crushed spirit dries up the bones

That savings go for the employer as well. One of the most expensive costs of a company is office space, that's why many companies now have a "mobile area" for mobile employees. The company I'm working at right now, has a big mobile area in each of the 4 floors we have. The employee can just come, sit anywhere he/she likes, plug the laptop and dial a PIN to get his/her personal extension number at any phone near him/her.


I spent around 3-4 hours return trip from home-office-home, even more than 4 hours if traffic was so crazy,  like Mondays or Fridays. While, actually it should be less than 35min for me to reach home... after midnite only. haha. So, when I work from home, I use that 3-4 hours efficiently, produce more emails, complete more assignments and finish more jobs. Not to mention that I can avoid all the unnecessary distraction like when I'm sitting at my open cubicle. You know, sometimes people just came for something not important at all... like "hey, that x has just changed her profile picture, see see.. I'll show you." while I'm in a middle of preparing a report or even doing a conference call. That is not cool, at all.

At home, I would have been sitting in front of my laptop, from 7AM to... any PM or even back to any AM I want. Nobody would dare to ask me anything, well because I have almost nobody around, just my dearest maid who, even without me asking, always prepared a plate of cut fruits and put it right in front of me. Cool, huh? My kids were back from school only around 3PM or so. They went deep to their own bedrooms afterwards, so yeaah... almost nobody around. I got up only when I wanted to go pipis. haha.


You may wrinkle your forehead thinking why can a "daster" be one of the reasons I love working from home. OH YEAAAA! Fancy Fashion is just not my FUN. It's totally a waste trying to make me follow a concession of how a carrier woman should dress. My office outfit was just a long trousers, a simple blouse and a flat shoes... And it already annoyed me?? U bet it did. LOL!


Of course. Where would I be, what should I do without internet? Thanks to a bunch of people who invented internet. I hope the guy who made internet run faster was in the list. If my modem was still like last year, there's no way I can have this pleasure of working from home as today. Live webinar, online training, virtual room sharing, weekly SEA concalls, APJ concalls... I did that from home. And thank you to whoever invented all the chatting tools too. Office Communicator, Yahoo Messager, MSN, Skype, WhatsApp and others. Audio/video chat was possible and FREE, even overseas interaction. Isn't that extremely cool?

  • I'M 100% REACHABLE

Again, thanks to technology who has made the world shrunk to just one click away. I run my works, communicate everything thru emails. If my notebook was off for some reasons, my blackberry was on 24x7. For anything more urgent, I have OC, BBM, WhatsApp, even a traditional way like SMS that come to my immediate attention.


This one is important. Working from home gives me a real "Life-Work Balance". I can stop anytime for an hour to cycle in the afternoon. I can stop anytime to receive a nice massage from a therapist at home. I can stop anytime to peek on an infotainment at TV. I can be there earlier when my kids needs help during exam weeks. I can even stop anytime for a nap. haha. Well, you need that too sometimes, don't you? :p


Do I still go to office? Of course. I go to office for a face-to-face marathon meetings that I stacked for one day. But I have this feeling, that nobody likes me there. So, even when I'm at office, I was not really at my cubicle, I moved around to join the meetings at meeting rooms hehe.... My desk was not my desk anymore, few guys have invaded it. They even put my office laptop away so that they can have a wider space. They're using my phone, my stationary, my network cable and my laptop charger. And when they saw me coming to my desk, they were like.... "oh no.. can you just go back and work from home... " LOL!!!


Can you sing your lung out at office, while everybody's busy on whatever they busy at? Or, can you lower down your i-tune player volume and still can hear your fave songs, and even sing along with it? Even I seriously think that everybody will love Leehom songs (haha), but for the sake of Leehom safety (LOL), I put his songs in repeat just for myself. Yesterday was full Westlife, and today back to Leehom again. I just cant tell you how much I ADORE him... his songs. So let's sing ...

So, anyone wants to Work From Home like me?


joelliea said...

Working from home actually demands high dedication. Especially when you have kids that are so happy seeing you at home and want to play with you all the time.

I'd rather have my office moved close to my home. With working hour 8.30-5.30, sharp. No overtime, no disturbance on weekends, public holidays or when I'm on leave. I could have time to dropoff and pickup my kid from school, I could have lunch at home if I wanted to, I could arrive home before sunset. But I would have my own time to concentrate at work separately.

I can't attend 24/7. If you say you are 100% reachable anytime, definitely I can't do that. I won't do that.

Emajanti said...

the correct reason is actually that it very much depends on what kind of job you're doing. In my case, trust me, even if I have Mat at home, i still can work properly. But in your case, dont think you're as flexible as me if you have to run around for others. I've been there years ago. Kind of job that people needs see your nose around.

that 100% reachable, doesn't mean i have to attend to all PINGS and BUZZES immediately. They can wait..., usually they do, haha! And you have no choice if your counterparts are in the different side of the world.