Dec 31, 2013

CORAM DEO - I welcome 2014

Emmanuel. God with us.
Question is...... are we with God?

That would be the best question for a self-reflection while welcoming 2014. God has been with us all the time. I'm sure many of us, most of us.. know that God is with us, through all the 2013. But are we aware of it? Most importantly, are we really sure that we are with Him? Have we lived like we were supposed to live in the presence of God? Do we really understand how to live in the presence of God?

To live Coram Deo is to live one's entire life in the presence of God, under the authority of God, to the glory of God

Do we stay away from all evil things because we know that God with us?
Do we live in holiness because we know that the Holy God is with us?
Do we fear God because we know that He, the Mighty God is with us?
Do we give Him respect and honor because He is God and he is there with us?
Do we reflect His glory because He is near us?
Do we let Him in charge because He is there for us?

God is always with us, all the time... everyday in the whole 2013.
And God will also be there, with us in the coming year of 2014.
Let's live just like God is with us, near us.


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