Jan 18, 2014

Ancol has never been this fun

Who would guess that after all these years... I would fall in love (again) with Ancol. I didn't. For me, Ancol was just an old dirty beach with bunch of crowded people during weekend and holidays, and who were there to make it even more dirtier. Honestly, there's nothing attractive for me in Ancol. I can't even remember when the last visit was ...

Until this day came.

Jan 14, 2014.
It was planned. A church outing. If it weren't for my beloved church, I would probably pass the opportunity to visit Ancol. Hey, we can't say no to a Godly activity, right? Right.

Now, let's count the funs ..

Beach City Mall
I really have no idea that there is a clean white sand beach in Ancol. Is it new? My husband told me it was there for some years already. Hello... kemane ajee?? Tangerang, I said. The beach is right in front of a huge shopping mall, which also surprised me, because *blushing* I didn't know there is a mall inside Ancol. If at any time on your birthday, you were there with your friends and they threw you out to the water ... don't worry. Get yourself a clean clothes and even the undies in the mall.

How can we not love these sparkling white sands?


Fun Kids
No matter what they do, no matter how they look like, anytime and anywhere.. seeing a happy face on a kid will always make me smile. And seeing a bunch of happy kids like these has made me grinning from ear to ear.

Fun Friends
I was a newbie in the group. If your friends ever told you that hanging out with church people is boring, sorry... they were very wrong. They may have been hanging out with the wrong people, or the wrong church, but with my new church friends, there's not a minute we spent without laughing. We made fun at each other, mocking at each other and the best part was .. no one or nothing has been damaged. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, think. When we were out with friends, what kind of words, what kind of jokes, and what kind of thoughts were there? What are the all time fave jokes when friends are together? Yep. Dirty ones.

Smile, Cringe, Laugh, and lots of Laughs


Fun Sharing Time
oh yeaa.. it was so much fun that every time someone's turn to come up to the front and did the sharing session, all he or she did was.. making others laugh. And if he/she failed to do that.. we would all still be laughing because each of us has own funny comments on just about anything.

Even when Pak Jay shared the Words of God was still fun.
He's out in the sun and we're covered under the hut. Wasn't that fun? Haha.

Fun Pot Luck

It's becoming a habit. When a pot-luck gathering was held, my share was fruits. Yeaa.. easy. But not on the part where we should be able to enjoy eating them freely and happily. And that is not gonna happen if you chose to have the pot luck at Ancol Beach City. Since the beach is surrounded by a mall, where literally you can find all kinds of foods there... the security guards were checking on everyone's bag. Sorry Mam.. no foods allowed.

We, however... managed to 'get permission' with strict warnings: not too obvious that we're eating our own foods and to keep the place clean and tidy. The last part was easy, but where can we hide our foods? our tummies! LOL!

Fresh rujak party!

Fun Park
The beach was fun. Yeah! But we're looking for a place where we can enjoy our pot luck properly. And here .. it even looked like we had the whole green grass for our selves.

yeahhh!! we did it...


We had a moment of sport at the Eco Park. The good thing was ... we can share! 1 bike for more than 1 person. Why? Because none of us were an athlete. Biking for half an hour along was too tiring.

1 bike, many spouses

and even other spouse. Haha!

Fun Games, yeaaa.. why not?
this is the legacy of an outing, right? Even with simple logistic, we successfully created an unforgettable moments, especially when we had a chance to see Erryck fell down kissing sands on his way running to the sea to get water in a games competition. It was hilarious, but unfortunately it wasn't captured in a camera. It happened too fast and we also didnt expect that, of course! LOL.

Fun Pose
Why? Because it took time to really gather everyone in one shot. When one just came, the other one went to a rest room. And also, we had to worry the fire ants joining us in the pictures. They were a lot in Pasar Seni.

But we made a few good shots, didnt we?


joelliea said...

Great pics. Your Samsung Wi-fi cam?

Emajanti said...

that's Erryck's cam.