Jul 7, 2014

Tell People that JESUS Loves Them

I was bored with many things. Works and that hundreds of daily emails, MGO - a new term that haunted me recently, my Q4 plan, Once Upon A Time series that is not interesting anymore since I intentionally let myself being spoiled by youtube ( my fault, I know!), with Leehom who has not yet released his new album for the last 4 years (sigh..), with Arrow which will only be back on October, with facebook with all the crazy presidential election fights, and I even still got bored right now when I have a big chocolate bar right in front of me. What I can say? I'm so hard to please, recently :)

Then.. since the mood is all about boredom, I went to some sites to find out what fun things to do when you got bored. Yeap! I went to a few sites and produced small slight grins on my face. Not interesting. But a few more minutes, what I read next was a shock. In all sudden, I'm not bored anymore! The site told us to tell people that Jesus loves them. So what's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing except that it's written in a page where you try to find fun things to do when you get bored.

No offense.. I guess they have no idea what they really meant, or maybe the writer was not even Christian. And also because what my priest said it's true. There are only very few of us who are willing to do what Jesus has asked us to do in Matthew 28:19.

I can think of several different reasons why Christians are not willing to speak about Jesus.
  1. Have not yet born again - I can still remember my priest told us in one of our Sunday services: everyone who has not yet experienced the love of Jesus in Calvary will not be having the will to share it. And if that person felts he has experienced the love but not share it with others.. he actually has not yet truly experienced it (other word: not yet born again).
  2. Scared.... of a lot of things - rejection, humiliation (the site has somehow proven this), hatred, public speaking skills, persecution and could also be of losing someone or something precious. This probably relates best with my situation. I'm so scared of pushing away the people I love if I start talking about Jesus. I know, it's the devil's trick. It's so sinful. So help me dear God :) 
  3. Don't know how - I've learned this smart simple way to start talking about the love of Jesus. One of the guest priest shared it during a Bible study: He was in a dinner invitation where all the people around him were not Christian. Since they knew that he was a priest, they allowed him to pray before he had his dinner. So he prayed out loud: "My dear Lord Jesus Christ, who loves me so much that You have died for me. Thank you for setting me free from the eternal flame of hell. I believe that You have risen and lifted to heaven because You are God. And thank you because I know you also love all people here and you are also willing to save them and give them eternal life too ..... " It's just way beyond smart. love it! :)
  4. They think money talks - you can bribe as many people as you want with your money but money will not bring them to Jesus. My priest told me that MIRACLE (in this case I translated as good fortune or money) will not make people become God's disciples. When Jesus had thousands of people following Him, He knew that they wanted Him to do miracle. So He did. With only 5 breads and 2 fish, He fed them all. (John 6: 1- 15). But when He continued to talk about how to really follow Him, many of them started to leave Him (John 6:66) (note: I had this weird thought since few years ago.. that probably John 6:66 relates to Anti Christ 666). is it not? 

I was about to add BUSY and LAZY. But I guess those are not, because if people use those 2 words as their excuse... we can point them to no 1 above. If you truly have HIS love in your heart, it will automatically flow out, you just cannot hold it. You just want to share it with others. That's the power of HIS true love.

Now back to this site.
It's a heart breaking to see people make fun of it. But we can always see it as a blessing. The Holy Spirit can turn that joke into something very serious that make people repent and turn to Jesus. Like what HE just did to me. Because of that, I just wrote something to remind me to spread the love of GOD.

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