Feb 9, 2010

A Simple Me with a little bit of Spanish

I knew it! I always knew it, that all of those girly, complicated, colorful, crowded templates were so not me. I have never really satisfied of what my blog looked like until I found this one. It's just so me!

But of course, there's nothing perfect without pain. I got a small problem with the template, as most of the Navi bars were in Spanish. So, I tried to edit them in html, which of course I am not an expert of.... tried so hard to find what words to replace until I hurt my own eyes.. haha!

So, as I learned to use html, I also learned a bit of Spanish :)

  • Inicio, I changed it into "Home" (not really sure if Inicio means "home", but I changed it anyway)
  • Foto, ok this one was easy. I changed it into "Pictures)
  • Blog, I changed it into "Video" and linked it to my youtube channel
  • Soporte, I think this means "Support" coz it was linked to And I think I don't need any support. I remember I have a project to finish and a friend has warned me if I don't finish it, it will be a waste. So, I changed it to "About" and hoping it will give me the motivation to finish the project... soon. On going... on going... huehehehe...

  • Entradas --> Entries
  • Comentarios --> Comments
  • Etiquetas --> Labels (?)
  • Archivo del blog --> Blog's Archive

This template is sweet, simple, neat and elegant, gak ngebosenin... just like me, hiiihhiiii.. Hope I can write more and more with it...

Judulnya: gue puas banget nget nget.

:: emajanti, 2010


Rebecca said...

gw pikir apa...
very catchy title btw ..

i totally agree with u,
previously i liked the colorful,
feminim template,
but when i changed and changed the template of my blog,
realized that it wasn't me, ehehehe,, so i picked the simple brown color...

and thanks for the translation,
bcoz i tried to change the template of the old blog, but it's in spanish... i thought it is latin, hehehe...

Nailpia said...
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joelliea said...

*lol* Do you know that you can use CTRL+F to find those spanish words in HTML?

Nice template.

emajanti said...

Thanks Becca! Yeah... tante2 kayak kita yang simple simple aja deh. hihihi

Juls: did you put a comment using nailpia and delete it? why?? What happend? And no I didn't know that control + F .. but the problem is .. it's 80% spanish.. I just had to find which word to replace and it's a looooooooooooong html.. pokoknya so happy I did it!!

joelliea said...

80% spanish is a huge problem. but if you only want to find some words, I guess you can compare the wording to the live demo, then find the words in HTML using CTRL+F. Will save you more time and your eyes from getting more plus .. hihihi.

yeah I had Nailpia ID open, then realized it you might be confused. So I deleted it and rewrote my comment. No worries, it's word by word exactly the same =D.