Jul 21, 2013

Sweet or Annoying? You decide.

There may be a thin transparent line between being sweet and annoying, I think. Because what my husband did was sort of in between and it's hard for me to decide whether he's trying to be sweet or just want to annoy me all the time.

Feet Tickles
Who wants to be tickled on the palm of their feet? Every time I lied on my back watching TV or reading a book or maybe playing some games in my phone and stretching my feet in bed, he would never miss even one time to tickle the palm of my feet while he's walking near me. It's a small gesture, tapping his fingers while walking, but gosh... I feel so annoyed. Now I have to depend on a pair of socks all the time while relaxing my legs in bed.

Under Arms Torture
Oh well, it's a little bit private to share but ... I'll share it anyway. Haha. Look at the picture, that's the sleeping position before we both doze off most of the time. So he will lift up my arm and put his hand on my armpit. He said it's tender and fatty. Wonder what he would say if I got hairy arms there.. LOL. And I mostly had to stay in that position until he doze off. So yeaa .. go figure whether it's sweet or annoying.

Under Arms Torture Continued...
I worked from home most of the time. Read here why. And every time.. yes every time .. umm.. let me say it one more time.. every single time I was sitting in front of my laptop, and working (FGS).. he again.. would never miss a chance to swipe his finger into my under arm. Unfortunately, I have to deal with this habit because I love working from home wearing comfortable homey sleeveless clothes.

Rough Kisses
Haha. No photo. I love to  leave everyone with their imagination when reading the title. But, no no don't let your imagination get too wild. It's not what you think it is .. a little bit private, but I'm gonna share it anyway. You know women.. we apply many lotions that in the end made our skin very thin and sensitive. And I'm pretty sure that men do not, or do not want to understand why we have to do that. My husband is one of them. At many times his chin got fresh beard, he loves to rub it lightly and playfully to my cheeks. I'm sure he didn't know that I got sensitive skin but when I told him it's hurt.. he just wouldn't stop. And he did it again and again and again... ggrrrhhhhh.......

Silly Pose
For me, he's one handsome guy.. of course! haha. But he did this silly pose ALL OF THE TIME. So annoying...........

even this morning when he's going to do jogging... *sigh..

Many of my friends said that I have the sweetest romantic husband in the world. I said, I have the sweetest romantic but annoying husband that I love so much.

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joelliea said...

Yes, husbands are so many things. Yours .. I can't decide.